Power Washing in West Chester, PA
Drywall Repair Downingtown, PA
Wallpaper Removal in Downingtown, PA
Faux Finish Painting in West Chester, PA

Power Washing

TCM Finishes offers complete power washing services.  Whether we are washing prior to painting or washing surfaces just to blast the dirt off, TCM Finishes can help.  Some projects include power washing siding, driveways, decks, patios, pool patios, walkways, stucco, brick, fireplaces and much more.   


Drywall Work

From 100 sheets of drywall to the infamous hole in the wall from a door knob, TCM Finishes can help repair your drywall and then finish it to make it look like nothing ever happened.  What most people don't think about or understand is that one of the most important parts of interior construction or remodeling is the drywall and finish work.  For the best WOW! factor and greatest first impression, the drywall work has to be done flawlessly. Tape seams, nail pops and square corners all contribute to the final outcome.  You know when you walk into a room and everything is clean, straight and precise, that it all started with the drywall.  A terrible drywall and spackle job will make that $50,000 finished basement renovation look amateur. 


Wallpaper Removal

If you're looking to date your house back to the 1970's and 1980's then go ahead a leave up that floral wallpaper in the kitchen and dining room.  You might as well leave that brown paneling alone while you are at it. However, some of us prefer a more modern look and that means removing the wallpaper and refreshing the areas with a coat of paint.  Depending on how the wallpaper was installed, the removal process can be pretty straight forward or it can be a nightmare.  Either way, we will have your room back together and cleaned up in no time.  From an oil-base primer to seal the walls, a skim coat of spackle to repair damaged walls or all of the above, TCM Finishes can make your walls look new again!  


Faux Finishes

In today's hip and fashionable world, new products are introduced daily to try and stand out from the crowd and make a lasting first time impression. Interior design and painting have followed these market trends by adding custom painting and/or faux finishes to your homes and offices. These finishes create distinct and one-of-a-kind settings that help finish the dramatic look you are trying to achieve. Some in-house faux finishes include stripes, color washing, ragging, glazing, Ralph Lauren Suede, Ralph Lauren River Rock and antiquing/glazing furniture and cabinets. Contact TCM Finishes today for more information.