Interior Painting PRojects


From the finest custom painting to quick refreshes for staging your home to sell, TCM Finishes is fully capable of working with you and your budget.  Interior painting compared to many other home improvement projects is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to add value and decor to any space.  TCM respects your homes and businesses and specializes in complete surface and furniture protection. In the end, the results are fabulous transformations and a spotless work space. 

Interior Painting - Surface Protection Downingtown, PA
Interior Painting Surface Protection Downingtown, PA
Perfect Interior Painting in Downingtown, PA

Professional painting results should always start with surface and furniture protection. Setting up the room for painting includes consolidating and covering all furnishings, covering and protecting all flooring and surfaces not to be painted and using high powered lighting to help brighten surfaces and ensure thorough inspection.  All repairs are properly primed and woodwork and mouldings are sanded and caulked.  Complete surface sanding helps achieve a uniform final appearance and dust/dirt contamination is vacuumed daily.    

Festool Friendly = Dust Free =       Family Friendly 


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