Exterior Painting

From deck stains to full exterior painting projects, TCM Finishes can help guide you through the process and make professional recommendations for your outside projects.  Surface preparations and proper paint/stain recommendations are the most important components of exterior painting and ensure long lasting results.  Along with power washing and damaged wood assessment and replacement, your homes are painted with our professional care and most importantly, top quality products that are meant to last. 



Power Washing 

Clean surfaces are essential for lasting paint jobs. Power washing ensures surfaces are clean from contaminants that could interfere with proper paint adhesion.  Most of our exterior painting/staining projects start with a complete power washing service to remove mold, mildew, dirt, old stain/paint and other debris that can cause paint failure. 

Maybe you have vinyl siding or a newer composite deck.  Over the years, dirt and mildew can build up causing discoloration and a dingy look.  Regular power washing will help keep your home looking new every year. 

Exterior Painting Surface Preparations West Chester, PA
Deck Stains in West Chester, PA

Surface Preparations

Do I have to prime? Latex or Oil? Stain or Paint?

TCM Finishes understands how important surface preparations are for exterior painting.  Listening and understanding the client's concerns help to ensure proper surface assessment and necessary repairs prior to painting.  Our in house carpentry services provide a seamless transition from wood replacement to painting.  What does this mean? How about no downtime between carpentry and painting, no delays or gaps in the scheduling and no need to worry about finding another contractor to do the work for you.  All of this results in a more efficient and less stressful project completion.  

Caulking, striping, sanding, glazing, and filling are just some of the preparations TCM Finishes provides to ensure the surfaces are ready for paint.  


Deck Stains

More and more often, families are extending there living spaces outdoors and are taking full advantage of the areas that decks can offer. When treated and protected correctly, decking looks beautiful and sometimes can resemble hardwood flooring. TCM Finishes offers full deck staining and refinishing services.  Starting with structural and wood evaluation, to striping, sanding and removing old stains, TCM Finishes can professionally recommend a process to restore and protect your decking.  

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